A Man with Learning Disabilities Became a Grad Student, and Earned High Acclaims for His Thesis

A story that inspires, translated…

A student with disabilities doesn’t necessarily have difficulties learning, the forestry graduate school student from Chongxing University, Chen made all F’s in his elementary years, but, he’d overcome his own learning disabilities, and became the very FIRST student with disability who managed to get into the graduate department of a public university.

Yun-Shen Cheng is in his second year of his master’s program, he’d studied in Chongxing University for five years, he’d had learning disabilities since he was a child, difficulties with reading AND writing, as he’d read, he’d skipped words, lines, or go up and down, reverse the word orders, and he’d often written down the wrong characters.  He said, that as he was learning to write, he’d added strokes, or not had enough strokes to a character, and, it’d angered his school instructors to punish him to write the characters one-hundred times, made him feel bad, thinking that he won’t master his studies, causing him to feel a low sense of self-esteem.

Until in the sixth grade he was taken to the doctor, the doctor did some tests on him, and found, that there was something wrong with the signaling of his neurons, causing his reading disabilities, and he’d gone into a year’s worth of group therapy for it; in middle school, he’d gotten the accommodations, to allow him to take longer on his examinations, that the instructors wouldn’t deduct him on writing the characters wrong, that, was when he was able to, slowly, improve on his grades.

But, he’d still feel uneasy inside, not knowing what the learning disability was, and that if his grades improving now was real.  Until he’d entered into Kaohsiung Middle School, and worked with a doctor, psychiatrist, as well as his school teachers, and a series of tests, he’d finally know what was happening with himself, and learned to slowly, and completely, accept himself as is.

Cheng is the very first student with reading difficulties who’d entered into Chongxing University, after he’d entered the school, the school held a meeting, to help all the professors in his major, to understand his condition, especially on how as the professors graded his examinations, they wouldn’t pick out the characters he’d written wrong on; and a lot of his classmates who knew of his condition would help tutor him, to review over the reports he’d written, to check for characters that were written wrong.

Cheng said, he is more than lucky, that in his studies, he’d met a ton of people who were willing and able to help him out, but he believed, that the biggest advantage he has is in expressing his own disability, telling others that he needed the assistance, “letting others know why I needed their help, that way, others would know more about me, and accept me more.”

Cheng planned on getting into the forestry department of the government, or the environmental branches in the future, or to work for a private sector, to test out the quality of water, or to work for an environmental program and such.

He’d often gone to the learning disabilities association, to share with others, his process of learning, hoped that he could help out those who are going through the difficulties as he’d done.

And so, because this young man’s conditions weren’t discovered earlier, in his earlier schooling careers, his teacher mistook him as being awful, but, he never gave up on finding the answers to his own life, and now, he’s bringing about more awareness of the conditions that he was faced with to the world, in hopes, that it can raise more awareness, and help more people in the process.  He had, turned his disabilities into an advantage, used his own life story as an example, to encourage others.


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