A Birthday Present, the Interaction of a Grandparent & Grandchild


“Daddy, the birthday present you ask for is way too hard to get!”, Loo Chang, after he got out of his bath, as I was blow drying his hair, he looked up at me, with this difficult expression on his face.

I’d asked him why?

Loo Chang said, “Because you said you wanted me, mommy and grandma on the tenth floor to be happy!”


“But, grandma made fun of me today again, I’d made fun of her back, and, it’d caused her to be unhappy!”

I said, “then, don’t make fun of her back then!”

“But, if I don’t make fun of her back, I won’t be happy.  So, your birthday present is just, way too difficult for me to manage!”

“So, do you still love grandma on the tenth floor?”


“But, daddy loves her very much!”

“I know, because she’s your mommy!”

“She is my mommy, so I love her; but, she is your grandma~~~”.

Before I finished, Loo Chang continued, “But I don’t love her at all!”

I’d said to him, “Do you know why grandma makes fun of you?”

“I know, you’re going to tell me, that grandma didn’t get enough education, and, her daddy was real poor, without the money to send her to school, that, is why she’s like this.—But daddy, I didn’t go to school either, and I’m not like that!”

I knew that sooner or later, I’d have to face up to how Loo Chang will come to his senses about how hard it is, to reason with his grandma, that I must try to resolves this matter in a very gentle manner—most people may not be accepting to my mother’s temperament, other than her husband and her son, and now, Loo Chang will be added to the group!

“You’re so amazing to be able to do it!  But even though grandma can’t manage, daddy still loves her so!”

“But I surely don’t!”

I knew, that a lot of things, you just can’t force, so, my conclusions were simple, “So that, is why I’d wanted you, mommy, and grandma on the tenth floor to be happy as my birthday present!”

“Daddy, your birthday present is just, way too hard to get!”

Is it, truly so?

A few days later, it was, a Friday night, Loo Chang said to me excitedly, “Daddy, tomorrow, I want to play where there’s a grass land, you know, the place that you’d taken a cardboard box to that last time, the place we’d slid down from the top to the bottom!”

“Yes, of course!”

“Sure, why not!”

Loo Chang added, “Grandma on the tenth floor will be coming with us too!”


“Because the last time we went, she was there too, and I DO love grandma very much!”

And so, from this, you can see, the interaction of the father and son, and what the son learns about his own grandma, and, this, is from an intellectual conversation of a father, shared with a young child, so, who says, that kids can’t understand things of depth?  This kid understood!


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