Shaming Her Child into Making Better Grades…

Apparently, this AGE-OLD tradition of SHAMING children still hadn’t, come to an end Y-E-T, from, by: N. Golgowski…

A Florida mom’s alleged attempt to shame her child into earning better grades in school led to her own shameful arrest for child abuse.

Melany Joyce Alexander, 30, is accused of beating her middle school daughter with a metal-studded belt before sending her to school with a T-shirt flaunting the child’s failing grades, WFTS reported.

The handwritten tee shamed the child for earning Fs in all of her classes and further warned her friends — and any prospective boyfriends — to “back off before I get another good woopin like I got last night.”

“My (days) eating French Fries and being a social butterfly is over because I know why my parents send me to school,” it reads in black ink.

It adds that she is prohibited from having friends until her grades are brought up to C’s or better.

“So unless you are helping me with this goal … back off!!!” it warns, apparently to fellow students.

A deputy responded to West Hernando Middle School, north of Tampa, last Friday out of concern over the child’s attire.

When the deputy and a social worker examined her body she was also found with “clear impressions” from where she was hit with the belt, according to the arrest affidavit.

The punishment was determined to be “excessive” by Department of Children and Families, leading to Alexander’s arrest.

Apparently, this age-old tradition of CULTURE of SHAME still hadn’t ended yet!  And, this, would be a VERY bad example, and, this mother apparently had, focused TOO hard on her daughter’s grades, instead, of focusing on helping her child, to develop, into a full and complete, proper-functioning human being, and that, is just really bad, to see, that someone in THIS day and age, still believed that making good grades in everything…


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