My Very First Piggy Bank

Memories from the childhood years here, translated…

As a child, having a piggy bank is something to be happy about, that means that I’m finally old enough, I can have my own set of assets, with the right, to decide, how I wanted to spend my money.

Back then, I actively deposited every cent into the piggy bank, feeling happy about I’m one step closer to reaching my goals.

My very first piggy bank was a beer keg with a lock on it, with the lock, it seems that it was, protected, and, making deposits into the piggy bank became even more sacred for me.  Since I had it, the first thing I did when I open my eyes in the morn was ask my mother for the five dollar coin a day allowance.  Depositing money, it was like, accumulating for the beautiful futures.  For a very long while, I’d only put money into my piggy bank, until I’d finally saved up enough, to buy the jewelry box that played music, that ALL of my friends wanted to get.

That, was a pink, fairy kind that all little girls would love, the moment you’d opened it, the soft and warm music start playing.  I’d placed an assortment of jewelries in it, with the big flower hair pin from my mom, the pinky ring from my great aunt, as well as a necklace I’d bought with some friends by mail, with the small mirror, that my older sister received from buying her magazines……the assortment of collected treasures, were kept in high regards by me, I’d never even taken any of them out to use, and, to this day, everything is still there.

And now I’m already all grown up, and, all of my money was deposited into the banks.  Without knowing, I’d started, losing the zest toward saving and spending money.  Although, most of my desires are fulfilled right away, life seemed great, but, the joys and moving sentiments from depositing money into the piggy bank had been lost with the passing of time.

I’d finally understood, that during those days where materials weren’t enough in my childhood days, I was once, so rich on the inside. For this, every time I’m taking care of my child, I’d started wondering, what sort of a childhood would I give him, so one day, when he’d recalled, he’d smiled about it?

Maybe, the answer is “simpler” than I supposed—only the simplicity can give you that untainted, extraordinary happiness.

And so, with everything that’s going on right now, you find it hard, to return to your childhood state of mind, and, that, was what the memories of that very FIRST piggy bank meant for this woman, it’s not the fact that she could have things that belonged to her, it’s more than that, a step toward one’s own independence, and that, is what the piggy bank means to this woman here, and now, she’s trying to find that simplicity that she once had as a child, but, it is, quite difficult, because life is getting more and more complicated as we age.


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