My Nine Children

This, is a woman, with a TON of love to offer to others, translated…

I have nine children, three of them, after they were born, they’d started, following me around, my own children by blood, the other three were my youngest brother-in-law’s three daughters; and three more I’d adopted through the World Vision Org, children from poverty stricken backgrounds.

Being a career woman, burning on both ends, it wasn’t easy that I’d raised up my son and daughter, after my son was out of the services, he was, chosen, by a Japanese airline, his steady job allowed him to have his first bucket of gold, he bought a home for himself in Kaohsiung.  My two daughters are nurses, and they’d both become midwives after they’d studied for it.  Both married, they’d worked hard, in the area of expertise that they had, accompanying all the pregnant ladies, to have healthy and beautiful memories, giving birth.

The three children I’d adopted in the poverty stricken regions through World Vision Organization are a boy and two girls, that was from a forum I’d learned about, that there were a ton of children who needed to get taken care of in the less fortunate regions of the world, to help those children born into poverty get a better education, to improve their lives.  For the years, we’d written to one another, giving one another the encouragements, seeing how the kids were able to grow up safe and sound, with the little amount of money I’m putting in, I’m filled with joy!

As for my youngest brother-in-law, he’d had twin girls in midlife, but, the eldest had to be traeched from birth, and, five days after her birth she had surgery on her heart, and became diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she’s already five and a half years old right now, still couldn’t talk or walk; the younger child was underweight, stayed in the incubator for a month, gladly, she’s active and outgoing now, and she’d become stuck on me, the aunt who took care of her as a child.  And now, my sister-in-law, in order to care for her children, she could only find hourly work, and, she couldn’t possibly make ends me, and, because I had my retirement pension, and so, I’d adopted her three children as well.

At the start of the New Year, I am sending all my blessings to all nine children of mine, because they’re all, treasures to me!

And so, this, is a woman with a TON of love to give, she’d not only raised her own children up well, she’d also helped others, and that, is a woman with a good heart.


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