Making the Grades in School, But Flunking Out of Life

This, is what’s happening, to a lot of those straight-A students, fresh outta colleges out there, isn’t it???

Making the grades in school, but flunking out of life, because, you’re all so very used to getting BREAST-FED your lessons, and, if you didn’t do well, your school teachers, professors or whatever will be kind enough to give you another chance, well, that, is NOT how reality works, because, out here, in the real world, (and yeah, I’m still living “here”!!!), there ARE, NO second chances, you fucked up, you get fired!

This, is the problem with the current education systems, they’re creating this group of straight-A kids who can’t COPE with reality, and, there are more than just choices A, B, C, and D in life to choose from you know???  Making the grades in school, but flunking out of life, so, where does that get you???  Nowhere, because life, is where you’ll be living, for the rest of your years, however LONG they may be, and this, is still not, mentioning those lessons you learn the hard way about love, that’s another “school”…

Making the grades, but flunking out of life, well, I’d made mostly C’s and D’s, and I’m still NOT afraid to show that to anybody, and yet, look how DAMN well I’m currently doing in life here, so, making the grades in school, what, does that prove?  Oh yeah, you know how to master those multiple-choice, T/F type test questions, but, in reality, there are, more than just multiple-choice, and T/F.

Once again, I still have to STRESS: this, is merely ONE woman’s TAKE on the things, still just AN O-P-I-N-I-O-N!!!


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