Enjoying the Life, Lived in Subtraction

Changing one’s lifestyle here, translated…

When I was younger and unwed, I didn’t have the restraints of family, every time a thought popped into my head, I’d taken the actions, took a ton of self-help courses to enrich myself.  Some of these classes are work related, others, for pure enjoyment, like Japanese, baking, paper craft, dance, I’d jam-packed my life then.

After I’d married and had children, there would still be new and innovative thoughts that pop up into my head, I’d expected sharing new experiences with my children then.  And still, there’s only a limited amount of time, and, there’s just not enough time to do it all.  And slowly, resentment started building up inside of me.

My husband saw my feeling beat, gently reminded me, “You mustn’t want to do it all in life, and control everything around you, in order to feel fulfilled.  Sometimes, subtraction works best in approaching life, it could allow you to live in the moment more.”

After I took his advice, I’d tried, “filtering” out all the innovative thoughts that pop up into my head, and started, thinking about, whether or not all of these new ventures are really worth my pouring my heart and soul into, or that it was, merely, in the spur of the moment that I was interested in them.  Through this filtering process, I’d lessened the feeling of regrets in me, and because I’d stopped, jam-packing my weekends, that I’d started, living in the moments with the kids.

Since I’d started living this “life of subtraction”, I’m no longer chased down, or hurried by time, and when something unexpected comes up, I can deal with it in a calm and collected manner, and, I’d treated it as an alternative kind of experiences in life, and, it’d made my memories more and more colorful and multivariate at the same time.

So, you were, directing your attention everywhere from the start, and, you’d become stressed, because you couldn’t focus on anything you’re working on, but, after that much-needed reminder from your husband, you’d started changing your behaviors, and, the results of that was, you’d now have more time with the kids, and, you’d shifted the focus of your life back to what is really important, so, thanks to your husband, for reminding you…


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