4443. A Woman Diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita Transferred the Discomfort of Her Condition into Pictures on LINE

Here we have a woman, who’s in constant and severe pain from a day-to-day basis, and yet, she was, still able, to transfer the pains from her own conditions into something hopeful, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Liu, “Angle of Bubbles” had a rare condition, epidermolysis bullosa acquisita that’d caused her to itch when the weather becomes too hot, she couldn’t scratch herself, she couldn’t even rub her own skins, when she’s careless and popped the itchy places, she’d bleed, and, she was often, covered with scars.  Liu turned her painful situation into a LINE character, “Rabbit Covered with Scars”, placed it on the markets, became the very first LINE artist who has a rare condition.

The condition she was diagnosed with not only rendered her under the cycle of “bubbling up, bursting, healing”, she couldn’t even swallow any food that’s too hard, she could only eat the soft foods.  And, because of the temperature changes recently, it’d caused her body to itch, and there’s not a place on her body without the wounds, she’d spent eight hours a day to dress her wounds, to change the medications on herself.  Liu, because of her condition, was forced to quit her host job at a radio station, but she’d gotten very much into art, and, transferred her pains into the inspirations for her own artwork, last month, she’d completed the series of LINE pictures.

Since she was younger, she’d been very talented with art, her mother encouraged her to do it too, but, the hardest part in her learning to draw was not overcoming her physical ailments but finding a teacher.   Liu’s mother stated, that back when her daughter was younger, she’d taken her to numerous studios, but, nobody would take her, because she was covered with pussing sores, in the end, the mother had decided, to let her older sister by three years to take up the art lessons first, then, her sister would teach it to her.  This hardship in learning art, had become the drive for her older sister to become a special ed instructor, she’d vowed, to take care of more special needs children, and now, the older sister got her wish, and is now, teaching special eds up north.

Liu said, that every time when her ailments got the best of her, she’d used her drawing, to show her desires, including how she looked without the injuries, how she was able to successfully, beat her condition, and she’d wanted love, just like other girls her age too, and, it’d helped alleviate her mind.  She hoped that her actions can encourage other people who are diagnosed with rare conditions, “To live bravely, do what makes one happy, there may be unexpected results when you do it”, she’d also hoped, that people who are healthy can cherish what they have even more.

The drawings she’d done will be published this year, compiled into a book.

So here, we have a woman, who’s faced with many difficulties, and, she was still able to achieve her goals in life, with the help of her family, and now, she’s using her story, to show, that so long as you work hard toward your goals, you can achieve them.


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