You Make Me Feel So Beautiful

Let me, put on that VANITY suit here…wait for it…wait a little BIT longer………okay, I’m ready!!!

You make me feel so beautiful, and that, is what I’d longed for my whole life, because since I was very young, I’d learned, that a girl must use her beauty, to entice men, because my mama couldn’t keep my daddy happy, and he’d started using ME to “alleviate” himself, because she could NOT fucking (and your point being???) get SATISFIED off of mama!

You make me feel so beautiful, and, I needed that, because without beauty, a woman IS nothing, after all, beauty IS all that matters, isn’t it?  And so, I’d started, pursuing beauty, making myself appear younger than my real age, getting rid of ALL these DAMN wrinkles and SHITS on my face, and, before you know it, I’d drained out my bank accounts, to pursue beauty…

You make me feel so beautiful, because I had always BEEN the ugly duckling of my family, I got a ton of older siblings, and younger ones, who made me feel so inferior, and, I just can’t, get enough attention from my god DAMN parents to this day still.  You make me feel so beautiful, you’re the first man I ever fell for, and, I’m fearing, that if you know how ugly I actually am, you wouldn’t, love me anymore, so yeah, I’ll, keep on, masking my true self up from you all right.

You make me feel so beautiful, uh, yeah, you have GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!  If you need someone else (other than you, that is!!!) to MAKE you feel beautiful, then, you hadn’t taken ANYTHING away from these lessons I’m teaching, and, I would be highly tempted, to BAN those of you who still ain’t learned NOTHING (and your point being???) from these “lectures” of mine yet………

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