Poisoning You with My Love

This, is what I’m doing, poisoning you with my love, slowly, day, by day, little, by little, I’ll, have you, HOOKED on to this poisonous love of mine in no time I’m sure!!!

Poisoning you with my love, because I too, was, poisoned, by my parents’ love, and, it’d, never occurred to me, that what they’d imposed upon me, wasn’t love at all, after all, what KIND of parents would NOT love their kid, right???

Poisoning you with my love, I’d done more than that, I’d gotten you, eating, out of my freakin’ hands, and now, you can’t break free, from my tightening grasp.  Poisoning you with my love, I will keep on doing so, because even at the age of almost sixty, I still, don’t quite, KNOW any better, ‘cuz NOBODY ever taught ME right from wrong, so, how the HELL am I suppose to know, right???

Poisoning you with my love, that, is what I’ll do, but, I don’t know, that my love is actually, poisoning you at all, because I lacked the ability to introspect, to find out WHAT, exactly, went wrong in my own pasts, to CHANGE, because I’m just, RAISED that way!!!


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Filed under Abuse, Bad Parenting Behaviors, Cost of Living, Excuses, Messed Up Values, Properties of Life, Vicious Cycle

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