Geniuses, Locked Up, in the Psych Ward

This, is what’s happening, to a LOT of the geniuses out there, because they’re believed to be, delusional, and, the best way, to deal with these geniuses, is by, locking them all up, in the psych ward, and, throw away the K-E-Y-S!!!

Geniuses, locked up, in the psych ward, because the world is, unaccepting, to the views, of these geniuses, or, perhaps, the rest of the world is, envious, of how intelligent they are, and that, was why, the world is, trying, to bring them all, down, to the level, of the ordinary man, who knows???

Geniuses, locked up, in the psych ward, and, those geniuses, they still believed, that there is, NOTHING wrong with their thoughts, emotions, and belief systems, so what IF, they’re all, a bit, eccentric?  So what IF, they may be, maladapted, to the world outside?  They are still, geniuses, and, just because they behaved a bit weirder, does that mean, that the authorities have the rights to, LOCK ‘em all up, and throw away the keys?  What happens to THEIR human rights?  Their rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and, don’t they too, have the rights, to pursue, WHAT make them happy, like the rest of us, normal people in the world???


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