Emotional Investments

These, are the hardest, to get back, after all, some of those emotional investments usually, don’t see ANY returns at all, especially in the cases of crushes, one-sided loves, and all of that.  So, it would be wise, for you, to think, at least, THREE times, BEFORE you’re about to, invest in ANY emotions…

Emotional investments, we all make them, sometimes, without even being aware, after all, we can’t help who we fall in love with, and, sometimes, because of how young, naïve, and INEXPERIENCED we all are, we’d, placed, too much investments, into something that isn’t, actually, quite right.

Emotional investments, I’d learned, to NOT make them anymore, because I KNOW that, I am, bound to, get hurt badly, by these, AWFUL emotional investments I’d made.  Emotional investments, why would people make them?  Why can’t everybody, just keep their hands, AND hearts too, to themselves, and, STOP showing it, to the rest of the world, after all, don’t you all know, that that, is making yourselves, vulnerable, to getting hurt???


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