A Bitter Cup of Coffee

A bitter cup of coffee, I’d needed that, to WAKE me up, from this love that I’d gotten involved in with you!!!

A bitter cup of coffee, with the acidic aftertaste, that leaves that taste of pain on the tips of my tongue, like how I’d, accidentally, placed that wedge of lemon in my mouth…

A bitter cup of coffee, to remind me, that it’s time, that I woke myself up, and, because pinching myself couldn’t do the “trick”, I’m in need of, a stronger way, to make the feelings STICK!

A bitter cup of coffee, gotten used to having that every morn, since you’d left me, at first, I’d downed that cup, before I ate anything, and, as you would imagine, the acidity of the coffee, combined, with my own stomach acid, it’d made my stomach turn, and that, was EXACTLY what I was needing, to help myself, get over you.

A bitter cup of coffee, I’d savored, taken it all in, sip, by sip, slowly, so the bitterness could last longer, until AFTER the coffee’s gone, and that, was how I was able to, keep myself away, from the memories of you, of us, of the better times we’d shared, that are, all gone with the wind now…


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Filed under Being Alone, Coping Mechanisms, Interactions Shared with the World, Letting Go, Life, Loneliness/Solitude, Story-Telling

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