The Twenty-Two Year-Old Male Returned to School to Commit Suicide on New Year’s Holidays, Left His Family Members Broken Hearted

Let’s see, what factors may have contributed, to this young man’s suicide, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student, Wang, from the continuing education department of a certain technical college in Chiayi, yesterday was found by his father, to have taken a leap off of the buildings at school, and committed suicide; the school stated, that Wang had a history of mental illness, that after a fight with his family members last night, he’d left home, his father tried to find him throughout the night, and saw his son’s skulls, cracked open, and had died, it was, a sorrow stricken Chinese New Year’s.

The school stated, that the twenty-two year-old man, Wang, in order to get his high school equivalent degree, started taking the classes last August, and after he’d fulfilled his forty credit hours, he could get his high school equivalent degree and take the college entrance exams.

The police investigated, that two nights ago, at about 9:30, Wang who lived in Chiayi had an argument with his family, afterwards, he’d rode his motorcycle out, and had not returned for a long time, Wang’s father thought that something wasn’t quite right, went to Langtang, Chiayi, as well as the reservoir to find his son, but, he’d searched throughout the entire night, still hadn’t found him.

At a little past eight in the morn yesterday, Wang’s father took his last bit of hope, to his son’s school, not expecting, that he’d see his own son, on the pavements of the first floor of a ten story building, his skulls cracked open, his son had bled to death, as the ambulance rushed to the scene, the son was already dead, and, the police speculated, that he’d taken the leap from the school’s building, there wasn’t anything left behind by the young man, not even a note.

Yesterday was a day for gathering of families, and, seeing how his son died in a such horrid manner in the hallways at school, Wang’s father was heartbroken.  The school pointed out, that Wang didn’t show any abnormal behaviors at school, and, he’d passed all his required classes too, that they didn’t hear about him being under too much academic pressures.

So, we will NEVER know, what, exactly caused this young man to commit suicide, perhaps, it’s a break up with a girlfriend, because the school said, that he’d done okay in his courses, or maybe, it’s because of the history of mental illness, compounded with the fight he’d had with his family two nights ago, that pushed him over the edge, who knows???

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