Happiness Became Too Fragile

Happiness became too fragile, and, we weren’t aware of how easily it got broken, and we were too, careless, handling it too…

Happiness used to be quite durable, but, with the passing of time, it’d become, fragile, as that, is how things would turn with the passing of time.  Happiness became too fragile, and, we were too careless, thought that it was, in its, original, durable “self”, but it wasn’t.

Happiness became too fragile, it shattered, because we weren’t careful enough, and, after that first crash, we’d rushed to the site where it’d gotten dropped, and, it’d broken into, over a million, bits and pieces, and, there was nothing we could do, we’d called up, ALL the kings horses AND all the king’s men, but, happiness couldn’t be put, back together again!

Happiness became too fragile, it’d thinned out, plus, we weren’t, careful enough with it, and, had we known, that it would, shatter, so very easily, we would’ve been, more careful, in handling it, but we weren’t aware of, how easily it could be broken, and now, we’re faced, with the consequences, of not, being careful with it enough………


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