A Short Vacation Taken by the Couple, on the Love We Share

The energies of love, translated…

After my two kids had gone off to college, I had extra time to myself, and so, two years ago, I’d started planning trips with my husband—every two months, we’d scheduled a weekend getaway for ourselves.

At first, I would constantly call home, to make sure that my daughters are home, and whether or not they have food, or worried about their safety when they were out and about, I’d forgotten, that my kids are grown, that they no longer needed me constantly anymore.  After a short while, I’d gotten it through my head, and relaxed a whole lot, started going with my husband, to find the memories of our youthful days back again, to revisit the places we’d gone to from before, or to travel to new and never-before-been places.

We’d hopped on the trains to Chi-Shang, Taidong, at dusk, we rode out on the bicycles together, getting lost in the golden rice fields, and, our love slowly gained heat as we took in the beauties of the sceneries; the setting sun which was reflected on the Sun Moon Lake in autumn kept us both in awe, not to mention the never-ending coastlines that merged with the skies on the coastlines of Hualien and Taidong, in Kenting.

Returning to the realistic side though, it is a bit expensive, to travel across the country, the hot spots of the Sun-Moon Lake, as well as the hotels in the beach of Kenting, are all very expensive, we’d often made fun, that we didn’t care about how much it cost, to keep our love alive, and, we are not going to let the money spent gone to waste, so, we’d become more and more connected with one another.  Actually, we’d wanted to take the advantage of our midlife years, to give one another the boosts, the encouragements, to add a bit of something new in our ordinary lives, to exercise our stiffened mind and body too, so we can move forth, hand-in-hand together.

After we’d gotten used to each other’s ways, even on the days when we were scheduled to travel away, the two of us would go out to the country sides close by, to visit, on the way, we’d often gotten a kick out of each other’s jokes, lessened the strains from our daily life.

Every time we’d returned from our trips, we’re both very excited and fatigued at the same time, and, there’s more and more we have to talk about , and we’d slowly become firm believers, that this sort of a miniature trips can add more energies of love to our small, nuclear family.

So this, is how the two of you stay connected, by going on trips together.  It is important, for the husband and the wife to share common interests, after all, it’s just going to be the TWO of you, staring at each other, or at the wall, after the kids leave the nest, and, this couple is doing great, adapting to life after their kids are grown up…


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