A Man Failed in Attempting to Get His Wife Back with Him, So He Took His Stepdaughter, and Committed Suicide

Apparently, TRAGEDY doesn’t KNOW, that it’s the Chinese New Year, from the Newspapers, translated…

A thirty-three year-old man, Chen because he was in debt, and got divorced right before the Chinese New Year’s holidays, five days ago, he took his eight-year-old stepdaughter, and went off the grid, yesterday, on the eve before the Chinese New Year’s, the two had burned charcoal and committed suicide; the young child died, and his ex blamed him for his irresponsibility, “How can you take my daughter away, and fed her sleeping pills too!”

Chen and his 32-year-old ex-wife had joint custody over their three children, the eight-year-old eldest daughter was from his ex-wife’s previous marriage, the friends and families told, that they suspected that the couple wasn’t getting along well, that Chen was in debt, he was divorced from his wife just this past month.

The police investigated and found, that Chen couldn’t get his ex-wife back with him together, and on the 13th, he’d taken the advantage of the time when his ex was working, went to her house, took away her eight-year-old eldest daughter, and their eldest son who was just four, with the intent of threatening his ex, and LINED her, “We’re going to die, and I will make you regret it forever”, he’d attached a footage of their children, crying too.

The family told, that that very night, Chen took the children with him, a few hours later, he’d dropped his four-year-old son home, the little boy had head injuries, took sleeping pills, was semi-conscious, he had, disappeared..

That very night the family notified the police, and asked for assistance from the Facebook community in the region; because the man said he was going to do harm to the child, the police initiated the search, they’d found, that the last time that Chen was online was in Long-Feng Borough, at Chunan, but shortly thereafter, he’d turned off his cell.

After missing for six days, yesterday, the local residents found his body and the girl’s in a black SUV on a farmer’s road in the town of Houlong, with the charcoal pot, and a pack of emptied sleeping pills, the bodies are already charcoaled and wreaked, they’d been dead for a few days.

As the mother saw the daughter’s cold, dead body, all of her hopes are vanished, and she couldn’t hold back her anger, couldn’t understand her ex’s behaviors, and the four-year-old younger brother still said naively, that he wanted to “find his older sister.”  The note left in his car said, “I chose to take my girl with me, in hopes that she’ll become my daughter the next time go ‘round.”, the medical examiners found NO external injuries, and suspected that the father and stepdaughter took the pills first, then, burned charcoal.

And so, maybe, it’s to get back at his ex-wife for leaving, or, maybe, it’s a combination of factors of how he was in debt, compounded with his divorce from his wife, that’s made him do this, we don’t really know here, but, one thing is for sure, that this father was too selfish, in taking his own life, plus the life of his own young daughter too.


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