Knowing Where Life’s Takin’ You

You’d gotten it all, figured out, hadn’t you there???

Knowing where life’s takin’ you, you no longer feared, you just let life take the L-E-A-D, and you followed behind life’s footsteps.  Knowing where life’s takin’ you, it’s comforting, isn’t it, for you no longer carried that fear of the unknown, or any anxiousness about your own futures, because you trust your life, into the hands of fate now.

Knowing where life’s takin’ you, it took me, a total of a little MORE than twenty-six years to finally let go, and, I gotta say, that before I let go, I was really very scared, because I didn’t know where life’s gonna go, where I’m headed, I was stuck, in that crossroad, not knowing where to go next, and, with that ticking time bomb clock, pressing in on me, I couldn’t even have the chance, or the time, to allow myself, to absorb everything in slowly, bit, by bit.

But now, I KNOW where life’s leading me, and, to say, that I was NOT scared at the very beginning of all of this would be the BIGGEST lie E-V-E-R, so yeah, I was, once, so very scared too (and still admit to that too!!!), but now, I’m no longer fearing anything, because I KNOW that fate has everything planned O-U-T for me, and I WILL be taken good care of by my own fate!


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