Kindness from the Neighbors


The older woman who lives opposite from me originally helped to take care of a young child, later on, the child went to school, and my neighbor now had free time on her hands, and would come over to share conversations with me in the evenings.  Sometimes, I’d just gotten home from work, the older woman had heard my doors opened, and titled her head outside, asked, “Just getting home from work?”

I nodded, “Yeah!  It’s so tiresome!”

A short while later, the older woman took a plate of her stewed radish, said to me, “Well, you now have one less dish to worry about tonight!”, the older woman saw I’d worked hard, started cooking after I’d arrived home, with that fatigued look on my face.  She said, that she’d just made some extra food.  Sometimes, she’d brought over pumpkin, cooked with thin slices of ginger, sometimes, it was the pickled turnips she’d made herself.  My neighbor is an amazing cook, but, I’d felt bad about always taking things from her, I’d tried to give her something too, and, she would always return my repaying her for her kindness, with more.

Yesterday as I arrived home from work, the woman brought over a stem of blooming lily.  I quickly got a plastic bottle, filled it with water, and placed the flower inside.  She’d told me, that it was from a friend, that the friend gave her too many, and she’d wanted to give one to me.  The very next day, the four pink buds all bloomed, decorated my house and the scent spread throughout my house.  My neighbor came over to look, continuously commented, “very aromatic and pretty!”

My neighbor, in order to keep herself busy in her empty nest, she’d gone exercising during the daytime, and accompanied her husband to community college to take some recreational classes, although she’d told me, that she can’t help but doze off in class.  Recently, her relative’s daughter got pregnant, and learned that she had years of experience in childrearing, and begged her to take care of her child.  She’d said yes, other than quickly setting up the crib, clean up her home, she’d also taken the time to travel too.  “Otherwise, when the child arrives, we’re tied down for sure, and couldn’t go anywhere.  Although it wouldn’t be easy, being a nanny, but, it brought even more joys to my life.”, she’d told me as she smiled.

And so, this, is how this older woman keeps herself active AND busy after she retired, she’d gotten involved into the community, showed cares and concerns for those around her, and now, she’s going to babysit for someone, and, her old age should be colorful, and, there wouldn’t be a moment to spare in her life, and so, she won’t have any trouble, filling up her empty nest…


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