Having a New Year’s Eve Meal with the Families that Aren’t as Fortunate as We are

A cycle of kindness is still rolling here, translated…

Awhile ago, my old friend, Chong called to ask, “this year, on New Year’s, a group of us will be doing as we’d done the past years, set up a ‘love & concern” group, to visit the less fortunate families, are you interested in going with us too?” without a second thought, I’d said yes.

It’s because that these couple of years, before the New Year’s holidays, I’d always gone to the schools I’d worked in to hand out scholarship money to the outstanding children who are from poverty stricken backgrounds, although I didn’t give them much, but, seeing the faces of those children lighting up, I’m very happy too.  AT the end of last year, when my group of old acquaintances saw that Lucky Buns who’s in Taipei had put up the money, to host a banquet for the homeless, it’d initiated our caring and concerning hearts too, and I’d gotten into the program, of lighting up the less fortunate families’ lives, and gotten involved too.

Recalling how a week before the Chinese New Year last year, the twelve of us became a “Love & Care and Concern” team, we’d started discussing, how we’re going to start the projects, other than the twelve of us who’d put up a set amount, as the red envelopes for the elderly who lived alone, we’d gone on visits to our friends and families, to get their unneeded items, including quilts, coats, and rice, etc., etc., etc., which met the needs of these low income households the most.  And, in the end, in no more than three days’ time, we’d gotten a truckload of donated clothes and rice, as well as other supplies too.  Then, we’d started making the deliveries to the single-parent households, the poorer families in our communities, and handed the items to them, they were so very surprised to receive the donated goods, kept saying, “we’re so surprised, can’t believe, that someone out there had remembered us.”, and they’d said thank you endless to us.

Of them all, we’d found that some of the elderly who lived along were immobilized, and their living quarters were somewhat messy, and, we’d taken the chance that we were all there, to help them tidy up, and posted the red celebratory paper strips on their doors for them, and had prepared the New Year’s Eve meals for them too.  We separated ourselves into six groups, and headed to the homes of six elderly who lived alone, to share the New Year’s Eve meals with them, I saw the elderly of about eighty, with tears of joy in his eyes, pulled on our hands, kept saying, “We hadn’t had this sort of heartwarming holiday since a very long time ago!”, hearing them claim that, we’d all felt, that what we did, was something meaningful too.

Yes, I think I’ll participate in this sort of meaningful thing again, it’ll start off my brand new year with a good note!

And so, you got the thought, of showing cares and concerns for someone who needs, and, in the end, they were not the only ones who benefitted from your assistance, you’d also felt more fulfilled, because you’d given back to the world, using what you have, doing what you can…


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