Sixty-Percent of Sexual Assault Victims are Underage

Another SHOCKING statistic, isn’t it???  Found in the online papers, translated…

During the winter vacations and the New Year’s holidays, a lot of the students would log on to Facebook, LINE, or head to the net café, DO beware of the traps of these online relationships and interactions.  The Health & Sanitary Department estimated that there were 11,066 cases of reported rape, of which sixty-percent of the victims are under eighteen, most are in the age group of between twelve and seventeen, eighty percent of the perpetrators are someone that the victims knew, families, relatives, friends from online, neighbors, coworkers, boyfriends, etc., etc., etc.

This, is just SHOCKING, isn’t it???  Especially with the New Year’s holidays coming up quickly, there would be MORE of these young and naïve girls who fall, and, there’s still NO way of preventing this, because we still can’t watch over our kids 24/7, because we are ALL, way too busy, way too distracted by life, and we lost focus on what is truly important: keeping OUR young SAFE!!!


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