A High School Aged Boy Secretly Taped Down the Session of Him and His Younger Schoolmate Having Oral Sex, to Force Her to Have Sex with Him, the Boy Was Sentenced

Coercions, threats, forcing someone to HAVE sex, and this, WAS JUST in the HIGH SCHOOL level too, from the Newspapers, translated…

A last year high school male from a private high school in Hsinchu, last year, forced his younger schoolmate to fellate him, and have sex with him, he’d filmed the footages, and sent it to the young woman via cell phone, threatened that if she didn’t do it with him again, he’ll post the photos in Facebook.  The girl worried that her reputation might be ruined, and so, she’d complied, and had sex two more times with Huang in the school’s restrooms, her mother heard suspicious conversations, and found out, and SUED the boy.

While the trial was pending, the two parties reached an agreement on the settlements, and the girl was also willing to allow the guy to have a second chance in life too.

Uh, this, is still, VIOLENCE against women!!!  Just because someone’s had SEX with you once, that still doesn’t mean that you losers get to come back to SCORE your FREE FUCKS at any time you want to, and, this woman’s right WAS violated, but, because she feared that those sexually illicit photos will go VIRAL online, she’d complied with his requests to FUCK her over, over, and over again, thus, making HERSELF the VICTIM of this sexual violence!


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