When it Comes to Marriage, the Genders Have Different Views, on Couples


In my choir class, the instructor chose a love song, and, everybody sang it with our emotions, afterwards, we’d started talking about love and marriage.

Jun-Jun who’s got an amazing voice smiled and said, once she had gone to He Huan Mountain with her husband, she’d gotten out of the car, to buy some cabbage, and because she didn’t have enough change, she’d gone back to the car to get some, and, after she’d gotten the change and got out again, the moment she’d closed the door, her husband sped off.  She’d waited, in the cold wind, to see how long would it take, for her husband who’s scatter-brained to realize, that his wife wasn’t on the car.

We’d all pitied her husband, and she’d said, sorrowfully, “Before we wed, he’d opened the car doors for me, and had used his hand, to protect my head from bumping into the door.  How things have changed after we wed!”

I felt the same way too, from before I married, I was taking off my contact lenses, my husband would help me hold the case, and, put his hands underneath, fearing that I might drop my contacts.  And after I wed, do it myself!

The beautiful Wan-Rong said, “Before we wed, he’d used to look into my eyes with so much passion, and now, as I strutted around in my new clothes, he wouldn’t even lift his head up, just had his eyes glued onto his cell, and said, yeah hon, it looks great, to blow me off!”

Most men are practical, and, love was only a part of their lives, they would please us, like how peacocks showed off his beautiful feathers, treated us with extraordinary kindness, say all the right things we wanted to hear, with the purpose, of getting us to marry them.  And after we fell for them, game over, the days returned to its original blandness.  But, romance is everything to a woman, and, we women contemplate on a lot of the things, hoped that the romantic gestures can last forever, that we can be hovered over.

Actually, women can also create the atmosphere for romance too, take the preemptive strike.  Would rather tell men FLAT out which restaurant we wanted to dine on our anniversaries, hoped which presents we want4ed to receive for our birthdays, and NOT expect those men to remember, and will throw you a surprise birthday party.  Rather than waiting until the anniversaries are passed, and complain to your husbands for not remembering, instead, set up a date beforehand, to celebrate the occasions.

And now, after retiring from my teaching post, I’d taken a day out of the week, to go on a lunch date with my husband, and, I’d showed my concern and care for how hard he’s still working, and become his chauffeur; when we’re on the couch, watching television, I’d hugged him, and complimented him for no reasons at all, to get ourselves back to when we were first starting to date, it’s just that the roles are now, switched, it’s the turns, for the wives, to spoil the husbands.

And so, this is one woman’s views, and, she is right, because you losers are not as sensitive as we are, and you don’t pay attention to the details, well, most of you, at least, and, if we ladies don’t adjust ourselves, then, we’ll always live in disappointment, and that, was exactly what this woman had done, ditched the expectations, and taken the active role in showing her husband how much she loved him…


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