The New Zealand Children’s Book Author, Cowley Encourages Adults to Write More Stories for Children

From an expert story teller, translated…

“The kids must see themselves reflected in the stories, and, the adults must write stories that reflected their own cultures.”, the New Zealand children’s writer, Joy Crowley had written and illustrated over 1100 books, she’s arrived to the Taipei International Book Expo.  And she’d invited the holdings of workshops in various nations, encouraged the adults, to write, for the children’s sakes, “We shouldn’t just have Western fairytales.”

Being a great grandmother herself, Crowley started her literary career when she was very young, “We were very poor, couldn’t afford books, so, I’d made up stories to tell my four younger siblings myself.”  All the characters from her stories are usually very forceful and strong, unlike the small and frail figures of the children who were living in poverty, “Children create their own imaginations and heaven through stories, so they can become more self-confident.”

At fourteen, Crowley first came into contact with books from New Zealand, she was ecstatic because “this, is the story that resembled my life.”, Crowley sighed, that because New Zealand was a colony of England from earlier on, the stories that got passed down from generation to generation are mostly from England, and not locally.  Later on, she’d started editing the readers for children in New Zealand.

And because her own son only enjoyed the factual readers like the encyclopedia, and laughed at stories where animals talked.  It’d started her on thinking of the differences in children, believed, that in order for a book to fit with kids of all nationalities, it must have a humorous story line, a surprise ending, as well as precise and easy-to-understand texts.

“I’d asked the adults to find the stories from their own childhood days.”  Crowley recalled, and, a lot of the adults who’d started writing these stories, they’d all turned out like the American and English tales, but slowly, they’d dug deeper, and, they’d found their own separate stories.  And now, there are stories from the locales already, Crowley stressed, that parents should lead the children to read more.  “If the parents are tuned in to the televisions, how would the kids love reading?”, she’d called out to the parents, that no matter how busy they get, don’t forget to read the stories to the children, “because it would be the most wonderful memories of their lifetime.”

So, this children’s book author stressed the importance of stories, and, she is right, but, these days, the parents would much rather PARK their kids in front of that iPad or whatever tablets, and stream those boring cartoons, than to take a few minutes out of their BUSY schedules (and I know that THREE-MINUTES is still NOT asking for THAT much!!!), to just sit down, with their kids, and crack open a BOOK!!!


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