The Memories of My Father

Is it fact, or is it, fiction?  Does ANYBODY care?  I wouldn’t think so…

The memoires of my father, hmmmmmmmmmmm, let me just see, IF I can, DIG it out, of that JUNK pile in my mind here…………okay, think I got it!

The memories of my father, I actually don’t recall having a father anywhere in time, because he’d always BEEN away, “providing for” the family, without knowing, that HIS family members needed him there, because he grew up, in poverty stricken ways, and, he’d ASSumed (and that still made him into???  EXACTLY!!!) that he needed to provide MONEY for us, and, before we could know it, we’d gotten dressed up in polo shirts, Docker pants, along with wearing them Fendi watches, and all that.

The memories of my father, there really isn’t that much to tell, because I don’t EVER recall having a childhood, let alone, a father for that matter, and now, as I’d grown up, into a well-rounded woman (yes I am!!!), and I still credit my own achievements to nobody ELSE but me, as for the memories of my father?  I’d burned that up, a very long time ago, when he came to where I used to live at, with those childhood vacation photos, with my, smiling, and I realized back then, just how FAKE they were, and torn it all up!

So, NO memories of my father here!!!

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