The Charlie Hebdo Effect, European Nations on How Free Should the Freedom of Speech and Press Be

You DO realize, that this, is a CHAIN REACTION, a cause AND an effect, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An insurgent walked toward a café in the cultural center in Copenhagen and started shooting, and the target may well be a Swedish artist who’d drawn the Islamic Prophet, Mohammed into a dog, and close by, in a Jewish church, the man who shot the comic strip artist also went on a shooting rampage there.  The police of Denmark said, that the shooter may have intentionally reenacted the shootings at the Charlie Hebdo Magazines last month in France, back then, the target of the shooters was also a comic strip artist who was thought to desecrate the Islamic religion, as well as a Jewish supermarket, it’d initiated the response from the public in Europe, marching and shouting, “I’m Charlie”, to protect their freedoms of speech.

There were attacks similar to this one in France and Denmark, it’d caused the tension to rise up in Europe, and the locals are becoming more and more anti-immigration and anti-Muslim, and, as a result, more and more Muslims will get angered.  There are more and more Muslims who are acting rashly now in Europe, as reported by the New York Times, there were at least, over a hundred Danish young men who’d gone to Iraq and Syria, to join the jihad already, and, this is what’s trending in many of the European nations.

The terrorist attacks had hurt the innocent, and the world is ranting, and, there ARE restrictions to the freedom of speech, and it’d gotten a lot of people thinking on the matters.  As the center was being shot at in Copenhagen, there was a conference being held, on the subjects of how FAR to take the freedoms of speech and press, and if people have the right, to use blasphemy.

The columnist from Charlie Hebdo, blamed the attacks on Denmark, and stated that, “the Basic Order Fascists are Attacking the Cultures right now.”  He’d called out to ALL artists, to not allow the fears to cause self-doubt, and said, “Tonight, we’re all Danish!”

Last month on the 7th, after the Charlie Hebdo Periodicals was attacked, the publications of the very next week had put the Islamic prophet of Mohammed on the covers, to SHOW the terrorists, that the freedom of speech will not be impaired.  But this behavior had caused many anti-French riots and marches across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia too.  The Islamic religion strictly prohibits drawing of the prophet of Mohammed, a lot of the Muslims believed that the Charlie Hebdo magazine had offended the taboos of the Islamic religion, that they’re using the statements of “freedom of the press & speech” to offend their cultural beliefs.

And, most of these anti-French, anti-Charlie Hebdo Periodicals marches are peaceful, but, there are those with violence too, the rioters burned down Christian churches, destroyed bars, blockaded the roads, and the two days’ worth of riots had caused at least ten deaths.

Denmark was already experiencing the aftermath from the Charlie Hebdo Periodical matters, because the magainze had first printed a comic strip that desecrated the Muslim religion, which was taken from the local papers in Denmark, back then, the local papers in Denmark had already made the claims that they were going to defend their freedoms of speech, that they were going to print these comics no matter what.

But, as the Charlie Hebdo Magazine was attacked last month, a lot of the periodicals in Denmark had decided to print out the controversial comics, but the Daily Duran didn’t, reason for to protect the safety of its employees.  In 2010, the Danish police had once caught five suspects, responsible for planning the possible attack on the magazine.  After the massacre at Charlie Hebdo Periodicals, there were terrorists who claimed online, that Denmark would be their next target.

Yeah, and, to think that this could have been well avoided IF everybody kept their own thoughts to themselves, hello, do you NOT realize, that this, is still a ACT and REACT?  Because the Muslim community felt that their prophet or whatever (no offense, feel free to take some though…) was belittled, that, was why they felt the need to defend their belief, that, was why the attack on Charlie Hebdo happened, had the magazine or periodical NOT made fun of the prophet from the Muslim religion, then, NONE of this ACT and REACT cycle would BE happening, and this still just shows, that people are still, WAY too NARROW minded…


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