Stop Setting Me Up on Those Blind Dates

Call it, a “case” of the New Year’s if you want to, translated…

Seeing how the Chinese New Year is approaching, some are waiting, happily, to get together as a family, but being almost thirty and still single, I’m troubled by how I will face those passionate relatives, because even IF I’d stressed to them all, that true love is found by the person her/himself, they’d still set me up during the New Year’s holidays.

Two years ago at New Year’s, my uncle who’s a super salesperson, in the midst of all of us, enjoying the get-together as a family, he’d abruptly told me that recently, there was a new employee who has a doctorate in chemistry, he’d really down-to-earth, and, more importantly, he’s still single.  “Any day is not as good as today, I’ll arrange a get-together for the two of you, because he happens to be having his meal nearby too.”, this is awful, now I really don’t know what I was going to do, and in the end, I can only blow the arranged matchmaking off using the excuse of I’m not wearing my makeup.

Last year around the New Year’s, I’d originally thought, that I could have it easy, without knowing, that my passionate aunt from my father’s side had offered my Facebook account name to the son of her coworker, a perfect bachelor in her view, and asked me if I wanted to take advantage of the New Year’s holidays, to say “hi” to him, and engage in conversation with him.  I couldn’t, and so, I’d told my aunt, that I wasn’t ready, so, if she could, set him up with someone else.

With these two awkward experiences, I’d started fearing the New Year’s holidays, because I’d worried, that my overly-passionate relatives would use some weird tricks, to catch me off guard.  Looks like, I’ll have to think up of a permanent solution, so I can, have a good New Year’s day.

This, is how troubling it is, to those you’d set up, and, maybe, from your perspective, you’re trying to help them out, but hey, before you go and set the person up with someone you believe to be “fitting”, did you EVER even consult the person being set up: hey, is it okay that I set you up with someone?  No, you just went ahead, and set the person up anyway, and this had caused this woman, to fear the coming of the celebratory time of the year…



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3 responses to “Stop Setting Me Up on Those Blind Dates

  1. I am a generation older than you and quite newly single again (three years). I have been an active dater using internet sites. If you are at all interested in this way of meeting men, have a look at my blog which I have only just started on this topic.

  2. Ok. I enjoyed reading your work and it does have resonance for many women today.

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