Lost Your Curiosities of Life

You had, lost your curiosities of life, don’t know when it happened, but now, every day, you wake, and feel B-L-A-H!!!  And, you tried, to recall back to a time, when everything was interesting, but you couldn’t even recall any moments like that from your past.

You’d started losing your curiosities of life ever since those PARENTS (yeah, it’s still ALL their faults!!!) put you into that preschool or kindergarten, whichever one came first, because they needed to work, and couldn’t watch over you 24/7.

Lost your curiosities of life, and, as a middle aged person, you just began, to realize, how much you’d lost through the years, and now, you’re desperate, to find all of it back, but hey, this L-O-S-S didn’t come overnight, it was, a gradual, a slow-building up process, and so, by the same token, finding what you’d lost back again, should take equally as long (as you’d lost it???), if NOT longer!

Lost your curiosities of life, because life required for you to grow up fast, that, was what you had, hurried through your childhood careers (b/c it WAS, the ONLY career you will EVER have that actually mattered???), and forgot how to dream, and, just like Captain Hook, you’d developed an IRRATIONAL fear (b/c that, was what HIS fears were!!!) of that CROCODILE!


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