How Should I Spend My Year-End Bonus, on Parent-Child Interactions

When it comes to money!!!  Translated…

My son received a sizable year-end bonus, he’d wanted to buy a million dollar brand new set of wheels as a reward for himself.

My wife worked really hard, to persuade him to not blow all his money off, but, it seemed that my son had already made up his mind, the two of them even started off in the cold wars, giving one another silent treatments, they no longer chatted on LINE.  My wife poured her heart out to me, forced me to hold the very FIRST family meeting.

After supper one weekend, the four of us sat in the living room, and started discussing whether or not a new car should be bought.  My wife first stressed how easily cars become old and outdated, that the rate of deterioration for new cars is especially fast acting, plus my son’s place didn’t have a parking space, there’s a high chance that his new car may get stolen or damaged, on the front of economics, it would be unwise and unfitting for him to buy a new car.

My son believed, that selling the old car, plus his year-end bonus, that should be enough, to cover the first payment, and for the future three years, he’d planned to pay the installments of $10,000N.T., with ZERO interest rates, he could afford it, plus, there’s a five year limited warranty that comes with the new car, it could save up on the cash for fixing up the old car, and in theory, new cars are safer compared to used cars.  It seems, that we couldn’t convince him solely, based off of the matter of economics, and so, I’d started talking about the life plans, that on average, people are living to seventy, eighty years old, does my son not want a home ever?  But, in order to have a home, he must work hard, to save, plus, a house would be a long-term investment, if you live in it yourself, you wouldn’t need to be weary when the government works hard to sell the properties, if my son was willing to save up for the first house of his life, as his dad, I wouldn’t mind putting up some of the money.

And my daughter chimed in, that the news reports said, that a man who wants a wife had better be making at least 70K a month, but she believed, that “having a house is better”, the attraction of a brand new set of wheels pales by comparison to a house to a girl.

Everybody started chiming in, and in the end, my son finally stopped wanting to buy a car, however, I’d become the biggest loser of this family meeting, looks like I’d lost over hundred thousand dollars now, and I also needed to shop around for a house for my son.

This just shows the generation gap, and in the end, it’s still the DADDY who lost big!  And from this you can see, a family getting engaged in discussion, and, this is very rare these days, for the kids to consult the parents on things, after all, the money was the son’s year-end bonus, he could’ve just gone out, and blown it off on a brand new set of wheels or whatever, but, he wanted to see what his parents thought, which showed, that this family is tightly knitted.


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