The Facts (Opinions & Observations, Rather…) about Power Rapes

This usually happens, when someone in a position of power used her/his (b/c men AND women CAN be victims of these sorts of crimes???) position of power, like being someone’s manager or someone’s superior or whatever, and the person is using that to her/his advantage, to make the subordinates do things that s/he didn’t want to, like having sex.

And, just like ALL the other kinds of rapes, it’s still NOT about love, but about control AND dominance, perhaps, the rapist feels insufficient in areas of her/his life, because s/he couldn’t have enough control in those areas of her/his own life, that, is why, s/he is dominating someone else, to feel like s/he is not as helpless as s/he actually is, and this still goes to show, how WEAK those rapists are actually.

When a person in a status of position, asks someone who’s less for a sexual favor, and the person being asked felt that s/he had NO choice to comply, then, abuse had occurred, because by being asked to perform some sexual favors to another, the individual’s basic human rights are violated, and once that happens, the victims of such crimes will feel that they got what they deserved, which is not at all true, although they may have put themselves in such positions (don’t EVEN!!!), they still didn’t ask for it, just like the rape cases of streetwalkers, hookers, or call girls, they are sex workers, sure, but, they should still HAVE the rights to say NO, and yet, the law seemed to define people based off of their occupation.

Point is (DING-DING-DING): power rape is just as bad, if not worse than rapes in general, because in power rapes, you feel, that you MUST and HAVE to, otherwise, something AWFUL will befall you, or your loved ones, and that’s, another damage on the victims…

And, victims of these power rapes usually kept their mouths shut, because of fear of what might happen if they’d told someone, which makes the hurt goes even deeper, and the damages will be even greater when everything busts out.

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