My Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend Keeps on Showing Up at His Reunions

WHAT, is a wife to do???  A Q&A, translated…

Q: Madam H who’d deeply troubled by how her husband’s ex-lover keeps on crashing in on his class reunion wrote…

Six years ago, she went out to dine with her husband, and met his ex girlfriend, X and his classmate from way back K (K was married, X had once shown that she liked K, but K didn’t take an interest in her).  Back then, H was sensitive and found that her husband felt embarrassed, and started behaving weirdly.

Afterwards, her husband came clean to her: before he married, X had shown her affections towards a couple of her husband’s friends, but they’d all turned her down, she’d started zooming in on H’s husband, X realized that he was cheating on her with H (H didn’t know that she was the “spare” back then), she’d asked him to pick.  Although he felt, that X was too forceful, that they’re not compatible in personality, but fearing that he might her X, he’d not said anything; out of anger, X married herself quickly out of spite, several years ago, she’d divorced, and slimmed herself down, looked even more beautiful than before.

In recent years, H’s husband had gone to several class reunions (all of his classmates were males), every time there’s a posting on Facebook, this woman who’s not at all involved in the class who’d gotten turned away by many male classmates, would always attend, and worked hard, to get close to the group of married men, it’d made the wives wondered, if she was seeking out a second marriage, or trying to steal someone else’s husbands?

H had even discovered that her husband was helping X out all he could, although they’d communicated on the matter, but, the doubts were still there.  She wanted to know how she could prevent X from attending the class reunions of the group of husbands.

A My Advice

X’s intentions are clear, if you could work with all the wives of the classmates, to console the husbands, to not post the ins and outs of the reunions on Facebook, or state, “limited to those who’d attended the class”, or “ladies not the wives aren’t welcome”, you may get X to back off from preying on your husband too.  but, which man would want to be so narrow-minded (or maybe, they’re glad of this)?

The bottom line is: every wife must work hard, to defend against X, especially for H, whose husband had a past relationship with her!  Don’t ignore the unrelenting “huntress” like X.  And plus, where are you going to find the place where there would be an assortment of married men to pick from than the reunions?  Remember, that women who have the mind to fight, is the scariest.

So, you worried, that your husband might fall to the old flame’s enticing, well, that still just shows, that you don’t have enough FAITH in yourselves, if you really DO trust yourselves, then, you wouldn’t be having this problem, it’s still TRANSFERENCE, and, this other woman, yeah, she’d made HER intentions clear all right, she’s on the prowl of a good, married man, and here, distrust had already been planted between this couple already, and so…


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