Finding Treasures Under the Beds

Memories of one’s childhood here, translated…

Recalling now, I still felt odd, why was it, that in our old ancestral mansion back in Penghu, in every room underneath the beds, there was the space of about half a person’s height?  During my childhood, I’d always felt it was mysterious and scary.  Until one day, I’d accidentally discovered, that that, was where my younger brother often hid.

“Don’t you think it’s scary in there?”, it was, utter darkness underneath the bed, thinking about it would scare me, I was so totally in awe at how brave my younger brother is.

My younger brother answered me in a naïve way, “I’d used a flashlight, not only is it not scary, it’s interesting and warm down here.”, slouching under the beds of the old mansion, surely, we could dodge the cold winds of the winter times.  On top of that, my younger brother also told me, that there were, treasures, hidden, underneath the beds!  If we’re lucky, we’d find a fifty-cent coin, and, we get to buy ourselves some snacks from the grocery stores.

Since she’d shared his secrets with me, “money can conquer all fears”, the mindset of seeking out treasures overcame my fears, I’d bent my back, held a flashlight, moved toward that scary and mysterious space.

After once or twice, I was, no longer afraid, slowly, I’d come to understand what fun it is, to play underneath the bed.  And even, I’m no longer afraid of the darkness or the unknown, I’d learned to used the way that my younger brother taught me, to face the darkness and the unknowns of my own life.

And so, from the younger child’s eyes, the older child gained a brand new way of experiencing, of observing, the things that s/he was once scared of, and, s/he’d carried that value with her/him to date, that just shows, how deeply impressed everybody is of her/his own childhood days…


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