A Man Who’s Been Paralyzed for Thirty Years Saved Up on His Disability Payment, and Managed to Help Those Physically Handicapped Find Work with the Money from His Own Disability Payment

Helping out in his own way, even though, he’s immobilized, a story of inspiration, translated…

A man who lives in Da-An District, Lin, thirty years ago, while he was serving in the armed forced, he’d become a quadriplegic from a diving accident, and for years on end, he could only live on his own bed.  But he’s still filled with hope for his own life, and used empathy, to show cares and concerns for people who are handicapped, in a year’s time, he’d managed to save up over ten thousand dollars from his assistance from the armed forces along with the government, and worked alongside the super convenience shops, to provide temporary jobs for those with handicaps.

In recent days, Lin was hospitalized because he wasn’t feeling well, needed a respirator.  The office manager of the Da-An District Offices, Su said, that Lin helped in silence, if his kindness can be known to the world, and, it might help initiate more of the world to help out too.

Through his friends, Lin learned, that a super convenience shop in Zhudong provided temp jobs for those with handicaps, that they’d wanted to help out too.  Although he was without a job, and didn’t have a stable source of income, but he’d still every penny he possibly could, and donated the amounts he’d saved up, to the program in the Family Mart, to offer as the payments for the temporary workers with disabilities.

The store manager said that he was in awe at how Lin who’d handicapped himself, and still showed care and concerns for the world, that the shop had continually offered positions for those with disabilities, especially for the individuals with the mental problems, because it would be harder for them to adapt to working in the real workforce, and, the shop, other than allowing them to make their own ways, there would be shoppers who helped the workers out too.

Su said, Lin had a bedside assistance to help take care of his daily living, and the Department of Armed Services had also called upon those younger generations who are serving alternatively, to go to his home, to help flip him over, to massage his limbs, along with the necessities of his daily living, and had accompanied him on using iPad to see the world, to make his world less boring.

Su said, that Lin wanted to remain anonymous in his good deeds, believed that he was only putting up little that he could, but the families and the personnel at the land offices all consoled him, that if someone like him who’s a paraplegic can help someone out, he should open up about his story, so, it could inspire more to lend a helping hand.

And so, we have a man, who wanted to, and actually managed to help, because of his own situation, it’d given him the empathies toward those who are handicapped, and, he was driven, to help out in any way he could, and, although he’s immobilized, he’s still making a difference, this, is a story that, hopefully can and will inspire!


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