Underneath that Big Ol’ Tree After Class

Being in love in the schooling years, translated…

The Accidental Gain on a Rainy Day

For a very long time, I’d hated rainy days.

Until that day, the sudden onset of that raging rain, it’d changed my mind.  It’d blown the umbrella in your hands until there’s only the iron parts left, and, the surface of your umbrella took off, like a set of wings, going afar, you were embarrassed, as you quickly ran from the cross sections to the big ol’ tree on the opposite side, and that broken umbrella became like a clock with the second and minute and hour hands, worked hard, counting down until the rain stopped.

I was riding along on my bicycle that day, because I wasn’t in my raincoat, I’d run toward that big ol’ tree to hide out.  The accidental downpour had shrunk the world to just the size of that big ol’ tree.

Watching you from behind, working hard, to smooth your clothes over, until you’d turned around, we’d realized, that you were someone who’d gotten on my nerves in school, and I was someone who got on your bad side too……

In the close to a year’s time in school, you’d always thought I was too egotistical, and I felt, that getting into conversation with you is just asking for trouble, and so, even though we sat right next to one another, subtracting the words we’d used to tell each other our grades, the total number of words we’d spoken to one another was less than twenty.  But at this time, you, who were playing on your cell, seemingly because it was out of battery, you’d put it up, I observed you, saw how you’d still held onto that umbrella with just the irons left, I’d started laughing hard, and, you could only feel embarrassed and rolled your eyes at me.

Seeing how the rain was getting worse, someone had to say something first, and so, I’d started telling you the interesting things that happened in class.  For instance, a certain classmate would tell the instructor he needed to go to the restrooms, and ended up buying food at the school shops; or how a classmate thought highly of himself, and wouldn’t look you in the eyes.  You’d also told me about your dog, how last night, you’d held her as you slept, and instead, she’d peed on you.

We’d talked about our families, and talked of the dreams we have, and, accidentally discovered, that we’d agreed on a lot of the issues.

The rain dissipated, and, with the rain ceasing off, the tensions we used to feel around one another lessened also, and we’d started, encouraging one another, to chase the goals, and became good friends who’d shared everything.

“Do you think that one day, all our dreams will come true?”

We’d loved to sit beneath that big ol’ tree after class, and chat about everything.  And that big ol’ tree bore witness on everything we’d come to share.

The Letter from Afar

Later on, because your father had transferred to Japan, without the chance of going to graduation, you’d hopped on that plane, left this familiar land.

Many years ago, I’d received a hand-written letter from you for the first time, it said, “So very long ago, we’d wrote down a ton of wishes and dreams for ourselves for the future.  But, time is a thief, didn’t give us any reminders, and just, rushed on by.  So many things happened unexpected, and, we’d grown up without a single warning.  It’s so unfair!  But, it’s because of this, we must, work really hard, to chase the dreams we have right now.”

I kept believing, that the mailed letters contained souls, the weightiness of the nostalgia with the papers, with the stamps as the wings, allowing one another, to catch the scents of two corners of the world.

This time, I’d come to the big ol’ tree along, and, the shop that that old lady owned still had youth, crammed inside, a group of students gathered to converse.  And, we seemed, to be at the table, on that far corner, too, holding on one another’s math practice books, checking the calculations.

“The originally free flowing time became like that old tree, stood still, the clock there didn’t have the second, the minute, or the hour hands, inviting us to listen carefully, to the soft murmurs of the land, the self that grew from there, still bravely wrote down each segment of the story.  Maybe, we should be proud of who we are now.”  I’d recalled the days that were the past under the tree, and slowly, wrote the return letter to you.

I think, you’re probably in some place, living the life you wanted to live.

And so, the story of a boy and a girl, they were arch nemesis from school, but, a rainy day closed the gaps, and, they became good friends, and, their friendships spanned across the distances, and that, is how strong this connection is.


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