The Eldest Brother Took Care of the Mother on His Own, Asked His Younger Sisters for Help, But They Wouldn’t, the Youngest Sister Was Mandated to Pay Nine Hundred Ten Thousand Dollars by the Courts

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixty-five year old widowed mother lived on the interests of $600 N.T.s and what she’d earned from the rents paid to her, she was supported by her eldest son in assisting her living, her youngest daughter never put up the money at all, last year, the eldest son, because of the instability in his own income, filed the petition at the courts, to mandate the his younger sister pay for the living expenses that he’d paid on her behalf, for taking care of their mother for twelve years, the judge mandated that the younger sister must pay nine hundred ten thousand dollars.

The elderly’s eldest son received the notices from the courts, said, that he would use the amount, to take care of his aging mother.

The court’s investigations found, that Yeou had lost her husband since a long time ago, lived alone in her old home that her husband left behind, lived off of the interests from the banks and renting out the land, in the early years, the interests paid by the banks amounted to $4,000N.T.s per month, but recent years, the interest rates are declining, and now, the banks only paid her $600 per month, and the rents she’d received from her land was barely $5,000N.T.s, other than her regular living expenses, she still needed to pay for her own medical care, she’s living very hard.

Yeou’s eldest son shouldered up the responsibilities to take care of her, in the past twelve years’ time, he’d put up a couple of thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars, with the total of one million seven hundred twenty thousand dollars, but, the younger sister never shouldered up the money for caring for the mother, last year, the eldest brother didn’t have a stable job, asked his younger sister for assistance, but she’d turned him down, he got mad, and started suing her, wanted her to pay for her share, used to take care of the mother for the last twelve years.

As the court was in session, Yeou’s youngest daughter said, that her mother had the house, the land, along with other savings, that she’s not short on cash, that she should be getting by fine, and she’d only made twenty to thirty thousand dollars a month, that it was only enough, to keep herself, and that the eldest brother is better off economically, and the money he put up was to help out with the household expenses, and not to keep her mother, that she shouldn’t be called to pay.

The judge believed, that Yeou’s house was hers to live in, that the land was handed down from the generations, that there would be no chance of selling, and that she couldn’t live off of the little over $600N.T., and the rents for a living, that the youngest daughter need to pay, had to share the responsibilities, and mandated that she needed to pay the eldest son back for the over nine-hundred ten thousand dollars N.T. that her eldest brother had helped her pay for her mother’s care.

And so, this, is how it went, because the money was scarce, and, the burden of taking care of his mother became huge, and, he’d wanted his baby sister to pay for caring for the mother, and, so the man sued his sister, and, the judge ruled in the man’s favor, and, had the man not lost his job, and had his younger sister not turned him down when he told her to help put up the money to take care of their mother, then, this court case would’ve never happened…

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