The Candles of Her Memories Got Blown Out, One by One…

The candles of her memories, they got blown out, one, by one, and, there were like about over a thousand to begin with, and now, there’s only, a flickering few that’s still burning, but slowly, they’re all, dying off too.

But, if you’re around her long enough, you’d discover, that there are, just some memories, that can’t be wiped away from her dementia, like her connection with her youngest child, she’d remembered her the most of all, and, would ask all her other children where her youngest is, why hadn’t she come visit her, etc., etc., etc.

And, there is also the memories of her childhood years, when she lived, sheltered, by her grandfather, she’d recalled, how when her parents started fighting, she’d run into her grandfather’s room, and, he’d carry her onto his laps, and, made her feel, so much better…

There’s also that time when her family took her on that picnic, for the first time, when she’d gotten mad for some small reasons, and refused to go any further with them, and, they’d all, stayed around her, until she’d felt better, she remembered how she’d felt then, and would mention it from time to time to her family.

Although she’s remembering less and less, and less by the day, however, there are those memories, that even her dementia couldn’t take away, well, think of it like this, at least, she’ll always remember the good times of her life, while she’d allowed all the rest, to slip on by, so, maybe, this dementia thing had proven beneficial to her after all………


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