Still Grateful for What We Had, in Times of Trouble, a Story of Family


When I was fifteen, my father used an eighth of his inherited land to the banks, to help a friend whom he didn’t know well about, in the end, the other person couldn’t pay the loans and escaped, and, our properties were repossessed by the banks.

Although our house had already gone to a renter of storefronts, we could still live at a place that was owned by a relative, that wasn’t sold, the penthouse of an old building, but it felt like we were living under someone else, had to go in and out from the shop fronts that belonged to someone else, and put up with the cold stares.

The old house faced the west, and in the summer time, it’s like living in an oven; plus it wasn’t fixed up for a long time, and every time when the rainy seasons or the typhoons, as the rain raged on outside, inside, we’d worked hard, to scrounge up all the pots and pans, to catch the rains, to keep on scooping the water up, pouring it outside, wiped everything again and again, until we’re totally beat, but, nobody knew, of this hardship that I’d weathered through my childhood days.

After my parents, and the three of us, working hard together, we’d finally gotten our own place, and, we’d moved into our own home with glee.

On a night, when I’d started recalling the events in this room that I had for myself for the first time, I was filled with a mixture of emotions, and I just couldn’t find my words.

The new house is set up just right, cool in the summers, warm in the winters, and we no longer needed to worry about the raindrops falling through our roofs, and, we could all enjoy the calm after the storms even more.

When I was younger, I couldn’t forgive my father who’d made all these mistakes in his life, but, if it weren’t for this accident, then, how can we all grow from the experiences, and become more tightly knit as a family?

So, this, is looking back, at, right at the time, you’d felt angered at how stupid your father was, and couldn’t understand why he’d done what he did, but, now you’re grown up, you can look at things more maturely, and you’d realized, that without the hardships from your pasts, you could’ve never realized, how sweet the fruits are right now.


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