My Mother-in-Law Who’s Very Agreeable at Old Age

Who says, that dementia has only negative outcomes???  Translated…

My mother-in-law became demented in her elderly years, and she seemed to have forgotten my age, and would call out to me, “Can you have another baby?  A boy or a girl would be fine, I’ll help you take care of the child!”

And I’d normally laughed as I answered, “I’m already in my fifties, if I can still give birth, it would cause such a raucous!”

Several times, she’d commanded me, “You cooked so very well, wait until you retire, let’s open up a restaurant, okay?  Then, I will help you out.”

I’d smiled and said, “Mom, I’d had to hire a foreign help to take care of you, how can you possibly help me!  Plus, I’m already getting older, and if I need to open up a restaurant to work, I would be so unlucky!”

Once, my demented mother-in-law checked me out from head to toe, and asked me with question in her eye, “How come you dress like you’re poor?  You are, with a job, and you earn a wage, don’t you?”

I’d played the roles, pointed to my husband, said, “I can’t help it, because all of my wages, had been taken by your son.”

Right then and there, my mother-in-law took a stricter tone, told my husband, “Tomorrow you WILL go to the banks and take out $50,000N.T., to buy pretty clothes for my daughter-in-law, you hear?”, and my husband would joke and complied, “No problem, I certainly will!”, that was the time, that I’d laughed, until food almost passed through my nose.

Since my mother-in-law entered into her seventies and eighties, I’d found that her originally stricter gazes became softer, and that her temperament became more easier going.  My mother-in-law was originally a forceful woman in business, she’d used a huge bowl for her rice and her drinks; in order to pursue love, she’d paid the dear price her whole life, even though she’d had a hard life, but, she’d still not let the hard life kill her cute and active nature.

And now, recalling my mother-in-law when she was still here, I’d still get warmed inside.

And so, this, IS the upside of dementia, because the mother-in-law was once a career centered woman, that, was why she was so forceful and so strong, but, after she’d become demented, her personality changed, and, that made her easier to get along, and that, is something that can be good, that come out of the diagnosis of dementia.


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