The Rich Residents Want to Leave Japan? Pay the Taxes First

Like the FATCA tax laws that the U.S. made???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The leading party in Japan this year asked for the legislature of the exit tax to be signed into effect, asked the individuals with an asset of over one hundred million JPY(roughly about $852.25 US) to pay before they’d gained the capital.

The Bloomberg Report said, that in the primary economy bodies, Japan had the highest debts, is about to follow the leads of the major countries like Canada, France, etc., etc., etc., and tax those who are about to migrate out.  If this bill is passed, then, it becomes effective in July, and when the future rich people from Japan moves overseas, all their stocks and bonds will have a two-percent tax rate to them.

And, this, is a way, of preventing the people, from EVADING taxes, and I get that, because as citizens, we are supposed to pay taxes, but, we shouldn’t get penalized for having dual citizenships, should we?  And, this law is still unjust, because it serves the purpose, of preventing hard working people from keeping their money.


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