My Eldest Sister Looks Younger Than I


My eldest sister who’d over seventy, is still very active, everybody called her “Sister Yueh-Tao”, other than being the long term watchperson for her neighborhood, she’d also gotten involved in the line dancing and choir group of her community, and on weekends, she’d gone with my brother-in-law and her son to Puli to plant, there was a simple farm house that the previous owner built, and sometimes, they’d stayed there overnight.  As they’d come back to Taichung, they’d brought back bags of their own planted vegetables to share with the neighbors.

Although my eldest sister had white hairs, but, there are countable wrinkles on her face, plus, she’d often dyed her hair black, and so, she’d looked younger than her real age, several times, I’d gone places with her, her friends checked me out, asked me, “are you Yue-Tao’s older or younger brother?”

My eldest sister explained to her girlfriends, “he’s my second youngest brother, we’re ten years apart.”  Although I felt hurt somewhat, but, there’s nothing I can do, because of my easygoing ways, and my head of white.

One day, my eldest sister passed by my house, and complained to me, that several times she’d used her elderly persons’ ticket to ride the bus, and, the drivers asked her for an identification.  I’d told her, “it’s because you look a lot younger than your real age, you should be happy about that, if it were me, I would totally ask for your identification too.”, that, was when she flashed her radiant smile.

And so, this, is how you stay young at heart, and, when you’re young at heart, the rest of you would show as such, take for example this woman, she’d in her seventies, she’s still very active, very involved in her socialization, and that, is how she is able to look younger.

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