A Corner of the Psych Ward

There’s a portrait that came with this one, of a girl, with red eyes, and her body blended into the backgrounds, translated…

The girl sitting opposite of me was using her cell, “I’m sorry, I’d made you worry.”, her nose looked red.  The nurse quickly came out, told her that the doctor wants her to check in immediately, that she needed to head over to the E.R. to get checked in.

My nose went sour too, I wanted to rush over to hold the girl and tell her, “it’s okay, everything will pass.”

In the ten year’s time, I’d watched the people come in and out of the psych ward.  Some looked fashionable and normal, as if, the psych ward is now, a trendy place to visit.

Some people, with eyes empty, and blank looks on their faces.  There was an elderly woman, that stared me, straight in the eyes, told me, “I want to kill myself, what do I do?”, and, there was an older man who flashed himself, with his aging father, trying to stop him.

There is someone who banged on the doors hurriedly, said that he was feeling too awful, that he couldn’t wait any longer, if he could be the first in line.  Sometimes, I’d heard patients chatting with one another, telling one another how their families are all psychos, and that they’re the ones, handling all of it.  Some were asked, and just said that “there was something huge that happened to my family.”

I’d gone in and out, other people there were decorative scenes, in the eyes of others, I’m probably an enigma too.  Is there someone out there, who also wanted to tell me, “Girl, everything will come to pass.”

And so, this, is the observation that someone had made, on her trip to the mental ward, and, it showed how modern day people are in need of shrinks, because there are just, too many issues in people’s lives that they simply, can’t handle, that, is why the shrinks are making a TON of money, and, everybody in this waiting room has her/his share of issues and problems they’re dealing, coping with, and, everybody IS equal, in this waiting room in the psych ward.


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