From Hope to Despair, a Group Suicide, the Experts’ Opinions on the Shooting at Prison

Dissecting the group suicide at the prison in Kaohsiung recently, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Why did a group of inmates in the Kaohsiung penitentiary commit suicide together?  The experts said, that inmates with antisocial personalities are not good at impulse control, plus the environmental stimuli, along with being there for a friend, it could cause the behaviors of mass group suicide.

The long-term psychologist who was stationed at the prison systems, Ong said, that these inmates are repeated offenders, with antisocial personality characteristics, with the traits of being intelligent, after they’d behaved themselves in the prisons, they’d gotten paroled, but, not long after, they’d offend again, and get returned back to the cages, and the vicious cycle just keeps on repeating; because they have almost NO abilities to introspect, they’d felt, that the society had done them injustice.

Ong believed, that they may be displeased, at how they’ll be serving out the rest of their lives in prison, and, if there are some catalysts, they’d have the thought of give me liberty or give me death.

He said, holding the warden hostage and calling out to the television stations gave the inmates a sense of power, led them to believe, that they can actually get away, in the end, they’d realized, that they couldn’t escape, and, their expectations dropped to despair, and that, may have caused their behaviors to commit mass suicide.

And so, that, would be the shrink’s dissection of the matter, but, is it really so, we don’t know, or perhaps, none of those inmates felt that they can live with the fact, of serving life, getting tortured forever for whatever bad behaviors they’d done, they just couldn’t withstand the tortures from their own guilty consciences, who knows???

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