The Affinity that Spans Across the Distances

The love of people in the world here, translated…

“We’re in Doliou, when are you guys available, we want to pay you a visit?”, Mrs. Wang’s upbeat voice came from the other end of the lines, it’d recalled how over a decade ago when I’d gone on this self-help trip to France, where we met the Wangs.

That day, we were about to depart from Paris, and we’d gone to the Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile one more time, went we first met up with Mr. and Mrs. Wang, they were speaking in Chinese, with a Taiwanese accent, looking at the map, trying to figure out which way was to the subway stations.

My husband and I went up to say “hi”, turns out, that Mrs. Wang’s mother who lives in the States had just passed away, and the children saw how their mother was getting depressed over grandma’s passing, and arranged a trip from the U.S. to Paris for their parents.  They just arrived here, wasn’t familiar with the place, and so, we, who’d been in Paris for a week already, shared with them which places we’d gone, and took them to the sites, to shop and to take photos.

After we’d returned to Taiwan, my husband mailed them the pictures he’d taken, and since, we’d gotten connected via the internet.  It’s been a decade to date, we have an “extra” nine-year-old girl, and they had three cute little granddaughters too.

As we’d reconnected again, we’d invited them to our house to hang out.  The pair’s passion and hard work, moved us.  In the early days, the Wangs acted as homestay parents who took care of countless children who’d gone to U.S. on their own from Taiwan.  Their dutiful minds, and heart, had left an impression to the parents and the kids, when they’d come back to Taiwan, the children whom they’d looked after had all invited them to stay with them for awhile.

The couple lived in our place for just one night, as I was seeing them leave, we’d made a date, for our daughter to go to the States in the summer of her fifth grade year, to study the English language for two months, to give her to them to care.

They’d shown me, how the passions and the nostalgia that was never-ending in the Taiwanese people, even though they’d lived in the States for twenty, thirty years, this heart of passion was still unchanged.

And so, this, is how we can get connected with one another, this couple had met this other couple on their trip abroad, and, connected, and, over the years, they’d kept up with their connections, and that still just shows, how long-winding a friendship can be.


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