An Emotionally Unstable Childhood

This, is what ALL of our childhoods looked like, and, don’t you deny it now!!!

An emotionally unstable childhood, because we all had emotionally unstable parents to begin with, and, because of how emotionally unstable they all are, as none of our mothers handled our deadbeat fathers’ abuses and infidelities well enough at all.  An emotionally unstable childhood, but, look at us all, not all of us turned out as emotionally unstable as our childhoods were, and, why is that?  An emotionally unstable childhood, that, was what I got from you, you were supposed to have been my parents, took care of me, but instead, I was the one, carrying ALL the emotional burdens of your marriage, simply because that, was placed, upon my head!

An emotionally unstable childhood, I hope that NO other child will be experiencing, but I already know, that that, is only me, wishing on them NONEXISTENT shooting stars and wishing bones, and, I’m also, highly aware, that this particular wish will fall flat, just like some of those paper stars I’d made, from my high school days…

An emotionally unstable childhood, how can we prevent that?  Oh, it’s too late, because we’re all, in our adulthood years now, and, chances are, we’d already passed the emotionally unstable childhoods we’d lived through, to our own offspring, just like them G-E-N-E-S………



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2 responses to “An Emotionally Unstable Childhood

  1. Yes, parents can certainly leave scars on their children’s minds and souls.
    My Father caused me a lot of problems into adulthood. Never figured out why Dad could not show love or any emotion well except anger. Never knew what Dad was thinking,never figured out who he really was.

    • Perhaps, your father’s inability to show his emotions was because he was taught to be tough, becuase he was a boy, and that, is how he was raised? And that, is usually what happens with father and children, as most fathers spent all their time, working, working, working, providing for the families, and they failed to realize, that their kids need them…

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