A Shop for the Families, So the Developmentally Slow Children Can Play without Being Hurried

From the Newspapers, translated…

“Don’t worry, you’re just a slower learner!”, the four-year-old, Kang, at age two, was diagnosed as having autistic symptoms, the parents poured out their hearts and souls in caring for this boy, other than his mother quitting her job, his father, Chen Kang quit his stable job last year too, he’d started a parent-child shop in the San-Chi District, with half the space in the shop set up as a play area, he said, “I wanted to give my son a safe place to make new friends, that, is the most important thing of all.”

At two years old, children should be learning to talk, but, back then, Kang could only practice making the noises with air, it’d made his father felt that something wasn’t right, he’d taken his son to ask around, in the end, the diagnosis of autism was given, he said, it took him an entire year to doubt, to know, then, to accept his son as autistic.

And Kang had also, consulted the gods, hoped, that the heavens could shine down on his child, so he could “become normal”.  He’d slowly understood, that his son is only a slow starter, so long as the condition is discovered early, through interactions, and rehabilitations, the child can still, soar high up to the skies.

Last year in November, Kang quit his designing job at the furniture shop, and after discussing with his wife, he’d spent nearly four million dollars, set up the Yun-Tien Cultural and Literary Center, and, the shop, in Kang’s insistence, half of the space was built, into a children’s area for the kids to play in.

And so, this father decided to do something, for his own son, he’d quit his job, and had, found the methods, to help his own son, by setting up this shop, where his son will be able to make friends, and play freely, and live as normal as he possibly can.

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