The Pressures to Reproduce a Son

This, is VERY bad, a traditional Chinese belief, translated…

“Sis, come to see the show next Saturday!”, I took the invitation from my second eldest sister.

Seeing how on the road of marriage, my second eldest sister had it hard, and I feel so bad for her.  Her mother-in-law held the traditional Chinese belief, that “only sons can carry on the family name”, it’d caused her to be under great duress at the start of her pregnancies.  And, unfortunately, her first two births were both girls, and, even though my brother-in-law is a good man who’s kind to her, but, the pressures to bear a male had caused my second eldest sister to have the thought of divorce, but, for the sakes of her two lovely daughters, all she could do, was bite down and carry on.

Five years later, my second eldest sister got pregnant again, she said, that she felt a mixture of emotions, because she wasn’t sure, if she could be dutiful to her husband’s family in the realm of bearing a male heir.  After she gave birth, she’d fell silent, with her eyes redden, and still, the new life is a new hope too, the youngest is a “she”, whom everybody loved, this had set my second sister’s mind at ease somewhat, but she no longer held ANY hopes for having a son, and, my brother-in-law worried about her physical condition, and never forced this “cardinal rule” of his mother’s.

A little over two years later, my second eldest sister got pregnant again, but, worries sat all over her face, but, she believed, that there is meaning, to the lives, coming to her, she worked up the courage, and had this baby, this time, it was, a boy!

As I took the invitation from her, the four kids will all be on stage for the recital, “Hsien will speak, Huei is the host, Jen and Yi will both be dancing, so, sis, you MUST be there too!”

Seeing the smile, finally bloomed from my second eldest sister’s face, I’m truly glad for her.

And so, this, is still, BULLSHIT, and, it’s still ALL because of this GOD DAMN mother-in-law’s beliefs of boys ARE better!!! Says W-H-O boys are better, and, you DO realize, that we women ARE the ones with the ability, to CARRY, right? Or, did some of you, “morph” into SEAHORSES, KANGAROOS, or other species like Sea Dragons out there???

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