My Wife Who’s Way Too Nosy

On ordinary matter of every day living, translated…

On the weekends, we’d occasionally gone shopping at the wholesales mart, in the attires department, we’d seen the clothes that were tried on or flipped through in a huge pile of mess, at which time, my wife used her nosy spirit, walked toward the stand, and, started, folding the clothes, the pants, along with other things back up, and, stacked them up nicely.

“I folded the clothes very wonderfully, don’t I?  I part-timed at a clothing attire shop back then, and, I’m best at folding the clothes!”, my wife told me, with a gloat.

As we’d gone to the frozen sections, she’d started ordering the buns she’d found in the dumplings’ section, and the buns that were left at the seafood section too.  And, someone had stuffed an already weighed bag of seaweed and bean curd at the instant noodles section, and I saw my wife, with the bag of seaweed and bean curd in hand, walked toward the cooked section, and, handed it over to the worker.

Once, there were two children, horse playing around, and, managed, to knock over a glass of cooking oil, and the oil slowly, spread all over the ground, and the parents didn’t go and tell the custodians.  My wife saw this, she’d marched to the service counter, and told the customer service representative about it.

And, that’s not all, from time to time, when we’d gone out dining, when I was paying for the meals at the counter, I’d often seen her and my sons, wiping down the eating utensils, and, piling them up at the center of the tables, then, my wife would take out a piece of tissue, and, wiped the table down.

I’d often tell her, “why are you such a busybody?  People would mistake the mess as made by us, and, there are those at the shopping strips who are hired to do this, so long as we make ourselves into examples, not create troubles for them.”

“It’s because of people without the sense of cleanliness, that creates trouble, think about it, if your son or daughter works at a supermarket, would you misplace the items?  Would you leave the shirts and pants all over the places, messy?”  She does, have a point!

And so, whatever we do, we must also, consider others.

And so, the wife’s “nosiness” is actually her empathy, because she doesn’t want anybody to have to clean up the messes that someone else leaves behind, and it’s also because of her attitude, that’s taught her husband a lesson.

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