The Jingles of Love


Reading the article, “The Beautiful Sound of the Bells”, it’d reminded me of my second eldest sister, who is eight years older than I.

My second eldest sister had been like my eldest sister, managed everything about me, big and small issues, and, on the weekends, she still didn’t take days off, she’d stayed at home, to watch the family shop.  And, in her spare time of watching the family shop, she’d blinked her beautiful, round eyes, and hummed the tunes that were popular for those who were born in the fifties, “Asking the Clouds”, and, “Watch the Colorful Clouds Fly”.  In my memories, there would be many who’d admired her so, who’d come to our shop to buy things, for the sake of watching her at work, and to hear her beautiful voice.  At which time, the “Bells of Love” she’d sung would become even more moving, “the bells sounded off, jingling, kept calling out to me, like asking me, if I wanted to, sing along with it, to sing out the hopes of love, with the accompaniment of the music……”

My sister after she married, she’d immigrated to the States, twelve years ago, she’d come back from Texas.  At age fifty, she’d hoped, to returned, and settled, back into her roots, without realizing, that the moment she’d stepped off that plane, she’d gone straight, into the hospital, until she’d died, she was never able to, make it back home, to the family she loved dearly.

In “The Polar Express”, it’d mentioned, how you only need to believe in Santa Claus, then, you’d be able to hear the jingle bells.  I don’t know if Santa really DOES exist, but that year, at age seven, I’d had the chance to put on that pure white ballet dress and shoes, and, danced along to an old classic, my second eldest sister made it possible for me to.  During the time of filing the taxes, she’d asked her boss for more hours, and, made my dreams come true, just like Santa would.

Remembering my second eldest sister, I’d played out the song, “The Bells of Love”, and, my tears came, uncontrollably with the sounding off of the notes: the bells, jingle, jingle, jingled…

A story of loss is what this is about, and, you can see how close this woman is to her sister, her sister became like a spoiling parent toward her, and, it was very unfortunate, that this woman’s older sister had passed away, just when she was about to return back to her roots, and, she’d remembered all the kindness shown to her by her older sister, and that, would be the memories of her lifetime…

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