Bound by Their Silence

Bound by their silence, their love was, because, neither one of them was willing, wanting, or even ABLE to, say the least, talk about what’d happened between them, and so, this silence that bound them ended up, ruining their used-to-be-love.

Bound by their silence, that, was the only connection they’d shared, and, once that’s been established, silence started, taking up roots, and, before either one of them realized, silence took over, their entire lives.

Bound by their silence, why won’t you talk to me, one of them said to the other, and the other, just remained mute.  Bound by their silence, this, wasn’t how love’s supposed to be at all, she’d thought, she never asked for any of this, she’d just wanted someone to hold her, during the cold, dark nights, and now, she is, completely, bound, for life, by their silence.

Bound by their silence, their child grew up, in the silent screams, and, the child felt insurmountable unspoken pains, because nobody ever voiced anything out, they’d all kept, everything bottled up inside, and, so, their child became a grown man, and, he tried, real hard to, shake off their silence, but, he just couldn’t, and, in the end, the child who’s now, a man, became trapped, and bound by his own parents’ silence…

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Filed under Abandonment of Children, Being Alone, Cost of Living, Family Dynamics, Growing Up Too Fast, Innocence Lost, Properties of Life, STUCK in a Cookie Jar

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