A Man Who Was Turned Down by the Woman He Was Infatuated Raped Her, Sentenced to Eight Years, and the Courts Mandated that He Must Pay Her Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars

Yeah, because she didn’t reciprocate, so, you’d changed the love into revenge, is that it???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chou fell for a middle school aged girl, he’d professed his love to her, and she’d turned him down, he’d pick-pocketed her keys, and, in the middle of the nights, he wore gloves and his safety helmet, entered her home, taped the girl’s eyes s hut, was about to rape her; the adolescent’s five-year-old younger brother woke, she feared that the man might hurt her brother, so, she didn’t fight back, and begged Chou to let her brother go free, and, she’d held it all in, as Chou successfully raped her.  The judge used the laws of forced sexual behaviors, found Chou guilty of rape, gave him eight years in prison, and mandated him to pay $800,000N.T. to the young woman.

The courts investigated, that the nineteen-year-old Chou two years ago, met the fourteen-year-old middle school girl through a friend, in order to pursue her, he’d gone to her workplace, and applied for a job there too, later on, he’d worked up the courage, told her he loves her three times, but, got turned down.  Later on, Chou changed his words, said that he wanted to be her best friend, had multiple times accompanied her home, and, as she’d dropped her keys, he’d picked it up, without her knowing it.

Last year in the early morning of July 4th, Chou put on gloves, helmet, took along duct tape, and condom, used the set of keys he’d picked up to enter into her place, pulled the covers over her head, then, subdued her nose and mouth.

The adolescent’s five-year-old younger brother was sleeping close by, he woke up, and the girl was worried that Chou might harm him, begged, “he’s still just a child, don’t hurt him”, and she’d stopped fighting him off.

Chou duct-taped both her eyes, forced her into the next room, was able to rape her, then, forced her to go to the bathroom, to shower everything off, and he’d asked her intentionally, “do you know who I am?” the adolescent suspected that it was Chou, but feared, that if she’d called out his name, it might make him go crazy, so, she’d shook her head, “No”, and Chou felt better about it, then left.

Afterwards, the adolescent called up her mother, and the police too, the police used the surveillance footage, and found out that Chou is involved; Chou admitted to what he’d done, said that it was because his professions of love didn’t get taken seriously by her, that, was what’s caused her to do the deed, that he’d acted on his impulse.

Yeah, this is still, a crime of passion, or call it retaliation, because the man got turned down by the girl, and so, his love for her turned to hatred, and, because he had the opportunities, he’d committed the crimes, thinking that she won’t tell anybody, but she did, and so, he’s caught, that still just shows, that NO good deeds go unpunished!

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